Taurus offers a wide variety of concealed carry and personal defense revolvers. These revolvers have long been a staple in these two categories due to their extremely high reliability and low maintenance responsibilities. So whether your looking for a light weight concealed carry sidearm, or simply some home defense peace of mind, their sure to have what your looking for.


Public Defender Polymer

public defender polymer


Caliber: .410 Gauge / .45 Colt

Capacity: 5

Weight: 27 oz.

Barrel Length: 2″

MSRP: $399.00



The famous Taurus Judge has long been a favorite for men and women looking for either a concealed carry or a home defense gun.  The Judge was made famous by offering a high level of firepower in a handgun small enough for concealed carry.  This new polymer frame judge model takes this idea to the next level. Weighing in at a mere 27 oz. it’s sure to become a fan favorite for concealed carry handguns.

Model 405- .40



Caliber: .40

Capacity: 5

Weight: 29 oz.

Barrel Length: 2″

MSRP: $523.00






Model 605

model 605Caliber: .357 Magnum

Capacity: 5

Weight: 19.75 oz.

Barrel Length: 2″

MSRP: $461.00







Constructed from a new lightweight polymer frame, the model  605 provides the perfect option for an individual looking for good firepower in a small portable package. Chambered at .357 magnum and weighing in at 19.75 ounces this is sure to become a favorite carry gun.