Hello Taurus enthusiasts! I was thinking about it the other day, and I have decided to add a new entry series to the mix; Taurus of the Day. Being a fan of these line of guns I felt it only appropriate to take time now and again to talk about which ones stand out to me. To start it off I felt it necessary to bring this titan of a firearm to life. I am referring to the Taurus Model 608 .357 Magnum Revolver. Talk about a fistful of steel!


So what makes this gun so special to choose it as the first option in the series? Well let’s get to it. It has a whopping 8 round wheel, while its cousin the 44 mag has 6. The line of firearms comes with factory tuned porting and expansion chamber for reduced recoil.  It is a hammer weighing a hefty 51 ounces and can be a little nose heavy. Though some people like myself prefer this in a revolver. Looking for a firearm that to put more than a 1000 rounds down range with? Then this is the revolver for you. It is both versatile and is perfect for the kind of person who finds themselves in slightly more rugged environments. It was made for the man that likes to get outdoors. I wear it on my side whether I’m boar hunting or just riding my bike. I dare anyone to compare it side by side with the likes of S & W, and you will come away pretty impressed with this Taurus. Taurus revolvers