So Whats New with Taurus Guns for 2013?

I know I know. Everyone wants to know what’s  “new”  with Taurus. Everyone’s asking me, “Hey is there any cool new revolver concepts?” Well for you all of you impatient bastards, yes. Yes there is.


Let us start out with a personal favorite line of mine; The Public Defender. So what did the New Year bring to this already radical gun? How about a polymer body. Yes that’s right, the smallest pocket shotgun just got even lighter, and shooter enthusiasts can choose between either .410 GA or .45 Colt for this 5 Shot wheel monster.


So what else does Taurus got? Well speaking of polymer there’s another model that just got a new lightweight counterpart thrown into the mix; the 605. That’s right, the snubnose .357 got even lighter and not to mention accurate. It is nice to know that I can have a nice little piece that can slug out .357 Mags and fit comfortably in my jacket pocket for say when I ride my bike. This rubber grip “pocket-passer” is a mere 20.2 oz after its refined engineering. Every gun has got a purpose and a place, and any advancement to make an already light and small gun even less cumbersome is an A+ in my book.


That can’t be all that’s left in revolver development for good ol’ 2013 right? Obviously there is some developments left for as you can see there is more to this column. Taurus decided to upgrade some of its varmint hunters  as well with a new 992 Tracker that can easy switch in seconds from .22 LR to .22 Mag with its breakthrough removable cylinder. They even have added a .17 HMR model to the tracker series those who for some reason want to go even smaller with their round.